The'13 series will be held at multiple venues including Wexford Elementary and Espe Park. July 12th-14th. Stay connected by checking this site often and also follow us @CHwiffleball and @SeanOges. More information and registration info is provided under the 2013 CHWWS tab above. Hope to see you out at the tourney!

CHAPEL HILL BOMBERS REMAIN UNBEATABLE: The dynasty remains unbeaten in a single game since 2009 and claims the 2012 crown! This is the organizations 4th straight championship and 7th overall #CHWWS13

Please check out the CHWWS12 Results tab for a full recap of the tournament, CHSN Team reports for updated info on all CHWWS teams, and the rest of the pages for updated World Series info and tournament history.


Chapel Hill ten runs Pitt Crew 12-2 in 5 for title

Sean Oglesby claims his 3rd MVP

Anton Constantino dominates for Cy Young honors

Matt Robertson is awarded his first Gold Glove

Matt Bradburn grabs the Silver Slugger and Matt Lauterbach the Rookie of the Year

Mancini inducted to the HOF

Special thanks to the Constantino family along with the 50+ guys who came out and participated in this years Wiffleball World Series, there wouldn't be a tournament every year if you guys weren't into this as much as me. 

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P Sean Oglesby CHB, Anton Constantino TS

SS Matt Robertson CHB, Jake Wrigley TUR

LC Matt Bradburn CHB, Luke Poljak ZOL

2B Steve Ferringer TS, David Steinbeck PC

RC Matt Lauterbach CHB, Justin Mancini TUR

DH Ben Matthews CLE, Paul Urso TS

Welcome to the Chapel Hill Wiffleball league! This site will inform you on league history, statistics, tournament information, and upcoming events. This is the official home for CHWL players, fans, and enthusiasts.

Chapel Hill Wiffleball World Series History

2005: Champions- Chapel Hill Bombers MVP- Ryan Oglesby

2006: Champions- Chapel Hill Bombers MVP- Ryan Oglesby 

2007: Champions- Chapel Hill Bombers MVP- Sean Oglesby

2008: Champions- The Boss Squad MVP- Dan Wentz

2009: Champions- Chapel Hill Bombers MVP- Tanner Wilt

2010: Champions- Chapel Hill Bombers MVP- Sean Oglesby

2011: Champions- Chapel Hill Bombers MVP- Ryan Oglesby

2012: Champions- Chapel Hill Bombers MVP- Sean Oglesby

The Chapel Hill Wiffleball league was founded in the year 2000. The league began at historic Chapel Hill Field adjacent to the Chapel Hill swim club in the North Hills of Pittsburgh. The league began with pick up play but has evolved into an organization that hosts the annual Wiffleball World Series. The series began in 2005 and is the event of the summer for hundreds of kids throughout the Pittsburgh area.

Email: Oglesby.Sean@Gmail.com