MVP: Sean Oglesby, Chapel Hill Bombers- Oglesby lead the champs in almost all offensive categories and anchored the Bomber lineup. His hustle in the field and around the bases is second to none, and he had the hottest bat in the tournament. The captain lead the tournament in RBI’s, extra base hits, and average. On top of that he captained and coached a team of all stars who ten runned every opponent they faced. This is Oglesby’s 5th World Series title and 2nd MVP award.

Cy Young: Ryan Oglesby, Chapel Hill Bombers- Roges was complete filth on the mound and seemingly unhittable this tournament. He went 5-0 pitching 16 innings, letting up only 2 earned runs. This is Roges 1st Cy Young award. It comes as no surprise as Roges was the favorite to win the award going into tournament play.

Rookie of the Year: Anton Constantino, Green Street Hooligans- Although Ton’s team took an early exit from the tournament, he turned some heads and was the clear cut winner of this years Rookie of the Year Award. Anton lead his team in homeruns, hitting complete bombs and also had decent stuff on the hill.

Silver Slugger: Brandon Jackson, Chapel Hill Bombers- After a down year in ’09, it was a different story for the world champion center fielder in 2010. Teams feared the Bebo Jack attack. Bebo tied Oglesby for the Bomber lead in homeruns and came up with many key hits throughout the tournament. Bebo seemed to always come up with the big hit when the Bombers needed it and once again has established himself as one of the top players in wiffleball.

Gold Glove: Rob Sittig, Playmakers- Sittig helped the Playmakers reach a 6th place finish with his defense. He played a better shortstop than anyone else in the tournament and made the amazingly dificult plays look easy. Words cannot describe the defensive performance that kept his tream in numerous games. One can only hope you saw the show he put on in this years series.

Gold Shoe: Mike Cammarata, Monstars- Rata did both good and bad in this years tournament, but lets start with the good before we break the kids spirits. He is the reason the Monstars pulled some upsets, made some comebacks and finished 3rd. His heads up baserunning sealed the deal in the win against the Pittsburgh Rangers, and was the winning run against Team USA. Rata broke the hopes and dreams of 10 wiffleball players this year with his feet.

Most Improved: Brandon Jackson, Chapel Hill Bombers- Bebo’s offensive numbers in ’09 were horendous to say the least, and well below his career marks. This year he rebounded quite nicley and had numbers soundly above his career averages. Besides Bomber captain Sean Oglesby, Brandon will be the first to admit that he turned it on more than he ever has before. It was good timing too, considering this is the biggest stage Bebo has ever played on.

Breakout Player of the Year: Eric Harbison, Chapel Hill Bombers- Harbo has always been a sound wiffleball player, but this year after making the move from the North Park Golden Bears to the now two time defending champion Chapel Hill Bombers Harbo was changed. He was taught by the best, practiced harder than anyone, and was brainwashed with the Bomber maentality that the Oglesby brothers live for. It all payed off in the end as Harbo anchored the middle of the powerful Bomber lineup and was a solid #2 on the hill.

Surprise Player of  the Year: Dave Dunton, Dunkin Donut Danglers-  The Danglers were not expected to win a game but because of Dave’s crazy curveball they won 1 and were in position to win another. The bullpen blew him a second win.

Most Clutch Player: Anthony Bianco, Playmakers- Bianco was the easy pick for this award. The Playmaker captain carried them offensivly to a 6th place finish and oh I forgot to mention he hit two walk off home runs. This is the first time in Wiffleball World Series the same player has hit two walk off homeruns.

Biggest Bust: Mike Cammarata, Monstars- Here is the bad for Rata. Although he is the reason the Monstars finished third he is the COMPLETE reason they did not finish second or even first. Up 1 run in the 6th inning with one out, Jon Wilson the fastest runner in the tourney was maybe a foot off 2nd base and Rata literally threw the game away by trying to peg him from the mound. The ball went into CF and Wilson scored to tie the game at 2. The game then went to extras and in extra innings Rata loaded the bases and walked in the winning run. The Monstars had the championship game in sight and a chance to pull the biggest upset of the year.

Biggest Liability: Dan Lynch, Team USA- Although Rata won the game for the Monstars he was helped out tremendously by Lynch. Nobody out bottom 8 (the 2nd extra inning). Pop fly to center, ball is caught for out number one and Rata attempts to tag to third. Evan Cullen hoses Rata, a perfect throw to third but Lynch drops the ball! He is now flustered and slow to pick up the ball, so Rata breaks for home and the crowd goes wild. Lynch chokes under pressure and fails to pick up the ball! “I honestly have never seen anything like it in my 12 years of wiffleball”-Bomber captain Sean Oglesby. Rata then scores and USA is eliminated. This comes as no surprise though, Lynch’s fielding woes were all over the USA scouting report and he also booted around balls a few rounds earlier which lead to a Boss Squad come from behind victory.

Worst Pitcher: Dan Hammond, Pittsburgh Rangers- Huge things were expected from D-Ham on the hill this year. He was on the cy young watch list and looked filthy in pre tournament play. He started round two against the Bombers and was pounded. He then came in relief against the Monstars and was pounded some more. D-ham turned it on offensivley though leading his team to its deepest World Series run in history.

Worst Hitter: Justin Brozick, Boss Squad- This was supossed to be the year. Wentz put together a cast of all stars to knock off Chapel Hill. Brozick was on fire in last years tourney but this year was a completely different story. He was the Boss Squads worst hitter and hurt them numerous times in clutch positions in big innings. He just could not come through like coach Dan would have liked. “ Ill have to have a good hard long talk with him in the locker room after this one”- Boss Squad Captain Dan Wentz after championship loss to Bombers.