MVP Sean Oglesby CHB - His 3rd MVP honor. Oglesby was dominate on the mound in his first ever pitching appearances, he pounded the ball in the gap or over the fence almost every AB, and his leadership to lead a team full of rookies to a title cannot be forgotten. An unbelievable tournament for the captain after slumping somewhat in 2011.

Cy Young- Anton Constantino TSQ - Anton lead the tournament in strikeouts and ERA.

Silver Slugger- Matt Bradburn CHB - Bradburn homered once and lead the Bombers in RBI's batting behind Oglesby.

Gold Glove- Matt Robertson CHB - Robertson played one of the best SS positions anyone ever has in World Series history. He lead the tournament in web gems and made multiple plays that kept Chapel Hills undefeated streak since 09 alive.

Most Improved- Andrew Seiss DM - Although his team was unable to win a game Seiss showed amazing strides since 2011 on the mound and also at the plate. He kept his team in ball games as long as he could and had a very impressive showing.

Breakout Pitcher: Matt Ogle TUR - Ogle was dominate on the hill with a 4-1 record. His only loss coming to the Chapel Hill Bombers. His pitching is the sole reason the Turners were able to beat the Tunesquad and finish pool play 4-0. A very impressive tournament for Ogle.

Breakout Hitter: Andrew Kuwik PITT - This kid went yard twice hitting absolute BOMBS. He has raw power and was a huge surprise. The only thing keeping him from the silver slugger award was a lack of discipline, he was not the best hitter and swung at alot of pitches that he couldn't do much with but when the ball was in his wheel house he put on a show.

Most Consistent: Cole Constantino PB - He pitched almost as well as his older brother and hit even better then him, and he is only going into the 10th grade. Look for Constantino to be an MVP candidate in coming years.

Most Clutch: Paul Urso TS - Urso had huge extra base hits that lead directly to victories over Plastic Bag, Danes Mom, and Zoltan.

Golden Shoe: Chapel Hill Bombers - The entire team was relentless on the base paths leading the tournament in ISP HRs AND 3Bs.

Rolaids Relief Specialist: Sean Oglesby CHB - Oglesby was clutch in bailing out the Bombers multiple times when Bradburn could not find the strike zone.

Biggest Surprise: Team Zoltan - After struggling tournament after tournament David Bailey put together a highly competitive team that shocked the Wiffleball World. The team played incredible the entire tournament until the final 4 tie breaker game where they fell apart against Tunesquad.

Rookie of the Year: Matt Lauterbach CHB - Lauterbauch played incredible for a rookie hitting clean up for the Bombers and playing lock down defense. Look for Lauterbach to keep improving in the years to come.

The 2012 Chapel Hill Wiffleball World Series Results


FRIDAY: Games are 7in 

5PM Pitt Crew v Steamers 24-7 F5 Pitt Crew

6PM Pitt Crew v Danes Mom 10-5 Pitt Crew

7PM Turners v Danes Mom 11-6 Turners

SATURDAY: Games are 7in

 8AM Zoltan v Steamers 10-0 F6 Zoltan

9AM Tunesquad v Plastic Bag 2-1 F8 Tunesquad

10AM Tunesquad v Danes Mom 6-1 Tunesquad

11AM Playmakers v Danes Mom 8-4 Playmakers

12PM Zoltan v Plastic Bag 8-3 Zoltan

1PM Chapel Hill v Steamers Forefit win for Chapel Hill

2PM Playmakers v Brick Squad 8-6 Brick Squad 

3PM Chapel Hill v Playmakers 4-0 Chapel Hill

3PM Tunesquad v Steamers Forefit win for Tunsquad

4PM Chapel Hill v Plastic Bag 5-4 Chapel Hill

4PM Brick Squad v Zoltan 4-1 Zoltan

5PM Brick Squad v Pitt Crew 3-1 Pitt Crew

5PM Chapel Hill v Zoltan 4-1 Chapel Hill

6PM Turners v Brick Squad 4-1 Turners

6PM Plastic Bag v Pitt Crew 3-0 Pitt Crew

7PM Turners v Playmakers Forefit win for Turners

8PM Turners v Tunesquad 1-0 Turners



Zoltan 3-1 v Tunesquad 3-1: 10-1 Tunesquad


1 Pitt Crew 4-0 v 4 Tunesquad 4-1: 5-3 Pitt Crew

2 Turners 4-0 v 3 Chapel Hill 4-0: 5-2 Chapel Hill

2012 Chapel Hill Wiffleball World Series Game

1 Pitt Crew 5-0 v 3 Chapel Hill 5-0: 12-2 F5 Chapel Hill

2012 Final Standings

1. Chapel Hill Bombers 6-0
RF 30 RA 9
Pitching Leader: Sean Oglesby 3-0
Batting Leader: Sean Oglesby 2HR
-This is the Bombers 4th straight and 7th overall title. The team was lead early on the hill by Matt Bradburn 1-0 who then took over the role as star outfielder as Sean Oglesby showed us all shades of Roges on the mound. Oglesby without a doubt lead the tournament in hitting going long ball twice and reaching base with more extra base hits than singles. He was backed up by an amazing supporting cast that includes the gold glove winner Matt Robertson who made spectacular plays at short stop the entire weekend, Silver Slugger award winner Matt Bradburn who cleared the fence once, and Matt Lauterbauch the Rookie of the year who also hit a hard to find long ball. The Bombers struggled through pool play not dominating teams as they had in past years but still managing to go 4-0. They took care of the Turners in the semi finals and dominated the previously unbeaten Pitt Crew for the title in a ten run job.

2. Pitt Crew 5-1
RF 47 RA 28
Leading Pitcher: Chris Helkowski 3-0
Leading Hitter: Andrew Kuwik 2HR
-This team continues to make strides every year. After going 0-2 in 2010 they came back and finished 3rd in 2011, now in 2012 they went undefeated running through every opponent they faced. The games they won were never in question, this team dominated their opponents with Helkowskis knuckleball, Braihims curve, and the power stick of Kuwik complemented by Steinbeck and Bluemling. This team was cruising until they ran into the Bombers in the title game where it all fell apart.

3. Turners 4-1
RF 23 RA 12
Leading Pitcher: Matt Ogle 4-1
Leading Hitter: Jake Wrigley
-The Turners dominated pool play going 4-0. Wrigley played a very sound shortstop while setting the table for the four wins in the lead off spot. Mancini and Sisko were the big power sticks in the order, while Matt Ogle had dominating stuff shutting teams down on the hill. Nothing was more impressive then when Ogle out dueled 2012 Cy Young Anton Constantino in a 1-0 to lock up a 4-0 record. The Turners locked up the #2 rank but then drew the 3 seed Chapel Hill Bombers which were just too much and the Turners fell 5-2. Ogle was unable to out duel the combined arms of Oglesby and Lauterbach.

4. Tunesquad 5-2
RF 21 RA 9
Leading Pitcher: Anton Constantino 3-1
Leading Hitter: Paul Urso
-Tunesquad struggled early in the tournament to put upo runs but got better as they played. Paul Urso came up with multiple HUGE hits for the squad that bailed them out of a couple games. Constantino and Mitterator dominated on the hill. They finished 3-1 and played Zoltan in the tiebreaker game to get into the final 4. The bats came alive that game lead by Ferringer, Conti, and Dietrick. After dominating Zoltan by 9 the number one ranked Pitt Crew was too much downing Tune Squad in the semi finals to end their title hopes.

5. Zoltan 3-2
RF 24 RA 18
Leading Pitcher: Jeff Wojnovich 3-2
Leading Hitter: Luke Poljack
-This is the most successful team ever assembled by Dave Bailey, and its been a long time coming. Wojnovich had solid stuff coming in from the left side until the Tunesquad game. Poljack had incredible power at the plate hitting multiple gap shots, and Corey Campano played gold glove caliber at SS. This team was clicking on all cylenders with its only loss coming to Chapel Hill in pool play. The two veterans Bailey and Schwemm held down the OF and were great table setters for Poljack. Everything was going this teams way and they were a heavy favorite to knock off the Tunesquad to get into the final 4 but the wheels just fell off as Zoltan took an ugly exit from an otherwise impressive tournament.

6. Brick Squad Monopoly 1-3
RF 11 RA 17
Leading Pitcher: Tanner Wilt 1-2
Leading Hitter: Tanner Wilt
-BSM was a solid squad on paper but they just could not get it together. Wilt dominated on the hill with nasty stuff that moved like crazy. The ball jumped off of Tanners bat as well but his supporting cast just couldn't help him out enough. Momper played well too but BSM just could not compete with the dominate teams in the tournament.

7. Playmakers 1-3
RF 14 RA 12
Leading Pitcher: Anthony Bianco 1-2
Leading Hitter: Anthony Bianco
- Playmakers started off well pounding Danes Mom in their first game but then things went down hill as they dropped 3 straight. Bianco played well as usual and the Colabrese brothers hit decently resulting in some support. The Playmakers didn't play awful but definitely took a step backwards in regards to their performance in previous years. Chemistry was not there as well as the team ended up fore fitting their final game. 

8. Plastic Bag 0-4
RF 8 RA 18
Leading Pitcher: Cole Constantino 0-2
Leading Hitter: Cole Constantino
- This teams record does not reflect their play. 3 of the 4 games they played could have been wins but this young team lacked the ability to close it out. Tunesquad narrowly escaped them 2-1 in extra innings, Chapel Hill trailed until the 6th inning and managed a come from behind victory 5-4, and Pitt Crew just squeaked by 3-0. These not only were close games but these were the top 2 and 4th place teams. Constantino had great gap power and awesome stuff on the hill. The players on this team cannot even drive yet and are all entering the 10th grade. Look for them to be back next year and really make a run at the title. With this experience against great teams it is not out of the question to look at them as one of the favorites in 2013.

9. Danes Mom 0-4
RF 16 RA 38
Leading Pitcher: Andrew Seiss 0-3
Leading Hitter: Ricky Peluso
-This team had a mix of solid players including Seiss, Peluso, D. Hammond, and Stein. But even though the names were there the chemistry and clutch play was not. They were in some games at the beginning but always had one or two ugly innings each game that lost it for them. If this team can gain some chemistry and lineup stability they will be able to win a few games in 2013.

10. Cleveland Steamers 0-4
RF 7 RA 34
Leading Pitcher: Ben Matthews 0-4
Leading Hitter Ben Matthews
- Although now a veteran team this years showing by the Steamers was very ugly. Matthews played well and even earned an all star spot, having his best year thus far, but the rest of the team was a train wreck. They could not hit, field, throw, or run. Matthews can't do everything himself, when pitching he did not give up bombs but his 0-4 record is a result of his fielders running into each other, dropping balls, tripping over their own feet, and throwing to the wrong base. An absulute travesty of a tournament for this ball club.