Dave Dunton ‘03: Dave is a wiffleball legend. He started his career before any of the big tournaments began or before any money was involved. He played for the love of the game and compiled great statistics. Dunton lead the league in home runs for many years, and although he has fallen off lately he is still a crafty old vet. Going on 22 his age is an issue and he is not in top physical condition, but the king of swing reminded us in the 2010 series that he still has it. Today Dundo is one of the top pitchers in the league and still has some pop in his bat.

Sean Oglesby ‘04: Known throughout the league as "The Captain" Oglesby is the most decorated player in league history. A 7 time Wiffleball World Series winner, 3 time MVP, and 3 time gold glove winner, this kid knows how to win. Oglesby is the most loved and hated player in the league. Captain of the Chapel Hill Bomber franchise and commishener of the league OG has alot on his plate, but still manages to be the all around best player in the game. One of the best fielders to ever play and by far the greatest pure hitter in the game Sean Oglesby has earned the title of Legend. 

Brandon Jackson ‘04: Jackson had a slow start to his career but progressed as he aged. The league leader in home runs for two seasons most people would think Bebo was a slugger. Although that may be true the big 14 is the best center fielder to have ever graced the grass of historic Chapel Hill Field and Espe Park for that matter. Bebo has combined with the Oglesby brothers for 5 titles.

Ryan Oglesby ‘05: Roges started his career as a scrappy little player and decent pitcher. He is now the best pitcher in the game and the all time home run leader. Roges has won 7 championships, multiple MVP and Cy Young awards, and is a vital member to the Chapel Hill Bombers. Roges has fought many injuries throughout his career but is healthy now and the sky is the limit for this kid.

Billy Stringert ‘05: Stringert was one of the best contact hitters in the game. He dominated games at Chapel Hill Field and won 3 championships alongside Roges. B-String has been away from the game for a few years but true fans are eagerly awaiting his return.

Lucas Hook ‘05: Hook headlined a team of bashers who tried top fend off the champion Bombers back in the glory days at Chapel Hill Field. Hook always seemed to come out on the losing end though but did compile amazing stats. He joined the Bombers for one year and won a championship. Hook is still in the game today and is one of the stars of the league.

Ricky Peluso ‘06: Rick the stick Peluso is the scrappiest player the game has ever seen. Drawing comparisons to Backyard Baseball Star Pablo Sanchez, Peluso always finda a way to get on base and is clutch when it counts.

Freddy Haas ‘06: Freddy BOOM BOOM Haas was a stud. He bombed balls back in the day at Chapel Hill. He had amazing power and played a solid 2B. Haas is now captain of team Reefer and has had substance abuse problems in recent years. He headlines a plethora of former stars who will compete in the 2011 series as team Rehab.

Nick Basara ‘07: Although Basara has never won a title he captained the Magic Walri for many seasons. The Walri were one of the most talented clubs to come through the league. They had chemistry issues and choked in clutch situations though. Basara has remained a top player in the league and is looking to continue his search for a title.

Dan Wentz ‘08: Wentz has one one title thanks to his dirty knuckleball. That performance in 2008 is what earned him a spot in the HOF. He has struggled in years since and has gotten back to the championship once but fell to the Bombers. He looks to get his shit together in 2011 and lead the Boss Squad to a title.

Cody Gaertner ‘09: Gaertner earned a spot in the hall due to his amazing pitching performance in 09. He lead the CH Bombers to the title and held the high powered Kekamba offense in check.

Tanner Wilt ‘09: Wilt may have the most historic moment in league history locked up. in the final game of the 09 series between the CH Bombers and the Kekambas Wilt hit a walk off homerun in extra innings to give the Bombers the come from behind victory and the title. That performance earned Wilt a spot in the HOF.

Mike Foglio ‘09: Foges won a title back in 08 and has been one of the top players in the league since. He has filthy stuff on the hill and is one of the better contact hitters in the league. No one matches Foges passion for the game and you will be sure to see him in big games for many years to come.

Matt Ludwig ‘10: Ludwig headlines the class of 2010. He is a seasoned veteran with the 2008 title under his belt. One of the best power hitters in the game Ludwig has the ability to win it for his team with one swing.

Dan Hammond ‘10: D-ham has the most unconventional swing in the game and used to be an awful player. The kid has made tremendous strides and is now a clutch player and loyal captain. D-Ham refuses to lose as his team has placed better in the standings every year. Hes comin for the Bombers top spot next so do not be surprised if you see D-Ham in this years title.

Eric Harbison '11: Another Bomber in hall, Harbison is a clutch power hitter and one of the best pitchers in the game. He has won a Cy Young and has hit cleanup for the Bombers in 2010 and 2011.

Justin Mancini '12: Mancini has been in the game since the early 2000's and has bounced around from team to team. He is a steady outfielder but one of the best power hitters in the game. He is one of the either strike out or hit a long ball type of guys. Mancini is in the top 10 in all time HR's and has hit some of the most majestic shots at Oglesby Commons, Chapel Hill Field, Espe Park, and the Wexford Wiffleball Complex.