7 Time Wiffleball World Series Champions: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012

Tournament Play Career Record: 40-3

2012 Record: 6-0 *CHAMPIONS

2012 Captain: Sean Oglesby

2012 Roster: Matt Lauterbach, Matt Bradburn, Matt Robertson

Runs For: 30 Runs Against: 9


2011 CHAMPIONS 5-0

2011 Captain: Sean Oglesby

2011 Roster: Ryan Oglesby, Brandon Jackson, Eric Harbison, Matt Robertson, Nick Basara

Runs For 43 Runs Against 12


Tournament Road

W vs Rovers 14-6, W vs Soph Serve 1-0 F8, W vs Tune Squad 10-1, W vs UPS 6-3 F9, W vs UPS 12-2 F5

2010 Team Overview

2010 Captain: Sean Oglesby- MVP 

Roster: Ryan Oglesby- Cy Young Brandon Jackson- Silver Slugger Eric Harbison- Breakout Player Mark Jackson

*2010 Chapel Hill Wiffleball World Series Champions

Wins: 5 Losses: 0

Runs For: 71 Runs Against: 11

Road to the Championship:

W vs Cleveland Steemers 17-0 F4. Combined No-Hitter (Eric Harbison, Ryan Oglesby, Brandon Jackson).

W vs Pittsburgh Rangers 11-0 F5

W vs Monstars 11-1 F4.

W vs Boss Squad 16-6 F5.

W vs Boss Squad 16-4 F4.

Team Overview

In the six years of the Wiffleball World Series there has never been a team more dominating than the ’10 Bombers. The team ten runned every oponent and did not play one full 6 inning game. That is a tournament record. 71 runs scored, 2nd all time only to their total of 75 last year. They outscored their opponents by 60 runs the past two years and have a total runs for of 146 to only 26 runs against. That is unheard of in wiffleball and speaks volumes to the offensive strength and defensive toughness of this dynasty. And yes it is safe to throw around the world dynasty now. The Oglesby brothers have lead the Bombers to 5 World Series titles in the 6 year existence of the tournament and have now won back to back titles for the second time. This years team has 4 award winners which is another tournament record, the team also set records for runs in an inning and total runs allowed by a champion. No one player carried the Bombers as all 5 homered throughout the tournament, the only team to do so. Sean Oglesby and Brandon Jackson lead the team with 3 and Ryan Oglesby lead the team with 5 pitching wins. Mark Jackson and Eric Harbison, both first year Bombers but tournament veterans put up numbers three times better than that of any other year they have played. “Playing and practicing under 3 Chapel Hill legends really motivated me and I am trying as best I can to follow in their footsteps”-Eric Harbison. The Bombers seem to get better and better every year and just cannot be stopped. Besides a few errors by the two newcomers the Bombers played as flawless of a tournament as one can imagine. The team is obviously more talented than any other club out there but the talent does not out measure their hustle and determination. Most teams put on a petistole such as the position the Bombers are in would be cocky and arrogant. The Bombers are just confident. Sean Oglesby has them playing twice as hard as any other team out there and that is the reason for these blowout scores this year. Hustle, determination, and love of the game.

2009 CHAMPIONS 6-1

Captian: Sean Oglesby

Roster: Ryan Oglesby, Brandon Jackson, Cody Gaertner, Tanner Wilt

vs B Team W 14-3 F4 vs Kekambas L 2-1 vs Reefer 16-1 F4 vs Golden Bears W 11-0 F4 vs Cock and Bulls W 10-1 vs Kekambas W 14-5 vs Kekambas W 4-3 F7

Runs for: 70 Runs Against 15

2008 3rd Place

Captain: Sean Oglesby

Roster: Ryan Oglesby, Brandon Jackson, Dave Dunton, Chris Sinagra


Captain: Sean Oglesby

Roster: Ryan Oglesby, Brandon Jackson, Lucas Hook, Bob Ralls


Captain: Sean Oglesby

Roster: Ryan Oglesby, Brandon Jackson, Dave Bailey, Bob Ralls


Captain: Ryan Oglesby

Roster: Billy Stringert, Dave Bailey, Lucas Hook